Saturday, October 28, 2006

Remembering John M. Ford

We lost Mike Ford last month, a fact that has been all over SF and Fantasy world both on and off the net. I used to run into him at the Nielsen Hayden's, when we lived in New York, and Mike was visiting from Minneapolis. (He used to live in New York, also, but moved away the year we arrived.) Yesterday they held a memorial in Minneapolis. I wanted very badly to go, but couldn't really justify the expense. I learned over on Making Light, though, that they'd covered the memorial in The Pioneer Press and I was happy to get a glimpse of what went on.

photo from Wikipedia

Update: After initially letting me in, The Pioneer Press piece is now requiring (free) registration. Maybe it will let you guys in once without doing that. Annoying. If it does let you in, you might want to grab a copy. Meanwhile this report of the London memorial is not behind any walls.

Update the 2nd: Pegg Kerr (author of The Wild Swans and Emerald House Rising) wrote this lovely account of the memorial and the wake.

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Morgan J Locke said...

His facility with language, and his accomplishments in fiction and poetry, were simply stunning.

He will be sorely missed.