Monday, October 30, 2006

We Will, We Will, Clothe You.

Daughter the Second (I can't call her Young Girl or Sarcasm Girl though both would fit sometimes) is going to be a Twilight Ninja for Halloween and I certainly plan on posting pics but first I had to go refresh my memory on how to turn a solid color tee-shirt into a ninja mask. (It's all over the net--I think I first saw a how-to page on it on the grimy and gritty 20th century internet, not the squeeky clean, fast collection of tubes of the present century. I found multiple examples just by using "The Google" to search on "t-shirt ninja mask."

The gray version, shown here by our charming model in his secret fortress of solitude, makes him look a little bit like an Islamic terrorist (if it weren't for the blue eyes.) Despite an urge to film ultimatums and perhaps do a few "Ask A Ninja" videos, I assure you he is harmless.

We will definitely be posting the "real" twilight ninja photos tomorrow. Her big sister is going as a Tudor Princess. Laura has been sewing all day and she will be sewing All Night Long.


Madeleine Robins said...

Lord. For the first time in eons, I am not sewing this year. YG decided she wanted a boughten costume, to match that of her best friend, with whom she is trick-or-treating. She's going to be a Vampire Princess. Sarcasm Girl is cobbling together a pirate outfit from my bucket boots, rapier, and pirate hat (which I wear when I am a SFWA Musketeer, but not generally otherwise). I have hung the pumpkin lights and carved jack-o-lanterns, and will stay, cowering, in the house, awaiting what Dreams May Come.

Steven Gould said...

A character I was not expecting to ring my doorbell, but was delighted to see, was 'V' from V For Vendetta. Because of the nature of the mask, it's a hard costume to mess up.