Monday, October 23, 2006

Gaining Momentum and Members: Introducing Morgan J. Locke

So, I've known Morgan for almost twenty years, ever since we met in a party suite at a Phoenix NASFIC. And for that length of time, I've also been pushing Morgan to write more. A work-a-holic engineer, Morgan was always too busy, too swamped by the demands of the job, to do something with the fire-hose of ideas I'd get in conversations and emails, but recent changes in Morgan's employment situation have finally changed that. Tor will be publishing a kick-ass novel sometime in the next two years (I'm indefinite because Tor bought it before it was finished).

I say kick-ass because I have read it and I've been chomping at the bit for the end ever since the point where I turned over the last page and said, "What? Where's the rest, dammit?"

Asteroids, Nanotech, Artificial Intelligence, and the Martian Mafia. Dammit.

Welcome, Morgan, and if you don't want me to use that photo, you better get me an acceptable one soon!

Well, our brain trust now has two of the five or six I had in mind. Have to talk to some of the others at World Fantasy Convention, the first weekend in November. I'll be attending though I won't be on any programming. They did offer me a reading (which I declined) but apparently I'm too SF (or too obscure) to be on a panel.

Still, this gives me lots of time to talk to folks, my main reason for going.

Now if I had to fly, I would think thrice, but I can drive one of our hybrids (46 mpg) for a lot cheaper and with less chance of body-cavity searches.

My hybrid also doesn't care if I bring water, gels, or my multi-bladed Leatherman aboard.

Laura is currently waffling on whether or not she'll be able to go. She has some work to do in Storytron before that week (and a trip as well.)

Update 10/25 7:35 am: As noted in the comments, Laura won't be attending WFC. She's got some deadlines and a trip.


Steven Gould said...

Turns out Laura won't be going to WFC. She has a Storytron trip that starts the last day of same and bunches of work to do first.

Teresa said...

Should we wait to link to you from Making Light, or are you ready to go public now?

Steven Gould said...

Let's wait until at least after World Fantasy con, please. I'll shoot an email.

Morgan J Locke said...

What I REALLY need to do is kick-start my moribund personal blog, LockeJaw.