Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Free stream of new Clapton / JJ Cale Album

'The Road to Escondido' is a collaboration between Eric Clapton and JJ Cale that came out last week.

I'm listening to it as I type, and liking it a lot.

Go to:

Clapton's Official Site

Click on the pic of the Victrola at the top, labelled 'New Music'.

I haven't been listening to much Clapton for the past few years, because he just started sounding... tired, I guess, to me.

On this one, he sounds relaxed, an entirely different thing. He and JJ Cale together have made some extremley enjoyable, laid-back grooves on this album.

Incidentally, when the stream window opened for the first time last night, it started a process named 'vsnpt13.exe', which seriously messed up my keyboard. Killed keys, made others open commands instead of typing letters. When I dumped the process, all went back to normal, so no big deal. When I re-opened at work today, no such problems, so it might have just been my home system.


Steven Gould said...

And while it did serve up some tasty music, it didn't do anything negative on my i-Mac.

Something different about your home system, probably.

(I took the liberty of fixing your post, by the way--the link was labeled "New" music, not "Free" music.)

Rory Harper said...

Thanks, Stevie... Glad to hear that their stream software doesn't break things a lot.

I'm liking this album even more as I re-listen to it again today.

I still want him to do another burning, explosive Clapton-Is-God album, but he's stated repeatedly that he became just plain bored with that....

Steven Gould said...

Even God must get bored with things.

You can only turn so many people to pillars of salt, so many cities into pillars of fire, so many rivers of blood, so many killer albums.

You get the drift. Maybe sometimes they just want to play ski-ball...

Bradley Denton said...

Eight words:

Rory Harper said...

You think you know how jealous I am about this, but you're underestimating by a couple of hundred percent.

Have a great time!