Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Pumpkin Blogging

Rachael, the bright center of my small universe, is in her first year as an Art major at the University of Texas.

Explaining the image to the right, in her own words:

In my three-dimensional foundations course we had a day off near to Halloween. Our teacher brought in candy, a projector and pumpkins. The candy was delicious and we watched Clue and Edward Scissorhands through the projector. With the pumpkins we weren’t really getting a grade, it was a just for fun deal. Our teacher thought it would be nice, and it was.

Our first project in the class had used bailing wire. I didn’t like it. The wire tended to cut the crap out of me as I tried to bend it into shape. There was still some wire about from that project and I decided to use it on my pumpkin.

I liked they way it turned out. My teacher said she thought it was good and scary and told me it would not be very good to have near children. I agree, but more importantly than children, I sure as hell wouldn’t want a bad trip near that thing.

Yes, I hope that you are not currently tripping so that you will like my pumpkin.

Incidentally, here's a net meme that will soon become ubiquitous: Rachael is Awesome.

1 comment:

Madeleine Robins said...

A pumpkin in braces! Muy cool.

Of course, they look like eccentric braces. If Rachael's pumpkin needs a reference for a good orthodontist...