Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Twilight Ninja and Noble Girl

Promised pictures of the real Twilight Nija so here she is (and her big sister, too.) Mom sewed on Noble Girl's costume for about twenty-four hours straight.

Both ventured out into the night and scored beaucoup de candy.


Rory Harper said...

Excellent pics and costumes. I especially like Noble Girl's expression.

Perfectly says "I'm about to have my footman whip you into bleeding rags for your insolence".

Madeleine Robins said...

Holy cow, Laura's got mad sewing skillz. I am impressed.

And yes, Noble Girl's hauteur is remarkable. If one gets out of line, she would doubtless dispatch Twilight Ninja to slice and dice one into shreds.

Laura J Mixon said...

Thanks, Mad. I was pleased with how Emma's dress came out. (There were several moments I was convinced we'd never have it ready on time.)

And yes, both girls engaged in some hilarious roleplay around the noblewoman and the ninja.

Alis said...

Wow. Mad sewing skillz, indeed.

Am I missing something, though? Didn't Emma have short hair before? Or was it just back in a pony tail?

Steven Gould said...

The long hair is a clip on thing from walgreens.

Laura J Mixon said...

Alis! Yay! Welcome to the nuthouse.

Apparently, Emma got lots of attention for the outfit at school. Which was Mom's Secret Plan. She's been needing her some peer-based ego-boo for a while now... *Secret Muttley Laugh"